Queen Charlton Cattery
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Mannings Mead

Queen Charlton Cattery was formerly known as Mannings Mead Cattery
Terms and Conditions for storage

. Storage rent to be paid at the beginning of each monthly term to Mannings Mead storage (MMS)
• All gas bottles to be disconnected when unit is in storage, and left secure
•All windows and doors to be closed and secure while the unit is in storage
•No major repairs to be carried out in the storage compound
•Minor repairs may be carried out with prior permission
•We reserve the right to charge reoccurring monthly interest at the rate of 10% to any outstanding accounts of 3 months or more
•If a unit is being collected by a third party ie. for repairs or sale written authority must be given beforehand
•24 hours notice must be given prior to collection of unit if it is outside normal hours (9am – 6pm) , otherwise MMS cannot guarantee a member of staff will be available on site
• One months notice to be given to terminate storage contract
•Units booked onto the campsite will be parked on site within times stated or agreed
•MMS excludes any liability caused by vermin infestation.
•In the event of the storage fee being overdue MMS may retain possession until the arrears are settled in full. In the event of a negative response to possession, legal action may be taken to sell the unit via The Torts Interference with
Goods Act 1977. Outstanding arrears plus costs will be deducted from the proceeds.
•A secure number plate must be attached to the unit or displayed securely in the window for identification purposes
•Any changes of address,telephone number and email address must be notified to
MMS as soon as possible
•Caravan/motor home, or any unit in storage, must be insured at all times
• MMS reserve the right to update the terms and conditions of this contract and any updates will be published on our website